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In all my years of mountain biking, I have been chased by dogs, crossed paths with a mountain lion, and been blocked by a cow on the trail. But never have I been chased by a turkey. That all changed last weekend. While pedaling up a dirt road, I noticed a sound. Not a squeak […]

In the beginning, I packed my sleep system on the handlebars because it did not fit anywhere else. From that first day, I always packed my gear this way. Sleep system on the handlebar, clothes in the seat bag, food and water in the frame bag. Until now…. Swapping the sleep system to the seat […]

Douglas County Libraries Local Author Showcase

by Andy Amick

Join me and fourteen other authors Sunday August 19th at 2:00 p.m. to hear about their books. Douglas County Libraries in Castle Rock, Philip S. Miller branch 100 S. Wilcox, Castle Rock, 80104 Jon Wolfe – The Domestic Dominion. An isolated southwestern Colorado town denies a development company the opportunity to buy all surrounding land […]

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Little Green Singlespeed. Oh, The Places You Will Go!

by Andy Amick

Next week, my kids start a new school year. Way too early to start if you ask me, but they didn’t ask me. Not only do I have two boys going to school, but my dear little singlespeed will be turning 18 and “graduating” this year. Dear Bianchi, oh the places you will go my […]

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Thank You!

by Andy Amick

A year ago, I clicked the “Publish” button, sending my Tour Divide book into the world. Two years of writing, and learning to accept my wife’s edits (I still hate that purple pen) came down to a single mouse click. Thank you to everyone who bought the book, or thought about reading the book, or even […]

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Continued Effort

by Andy Amick

A year ago, I put the finishing touches on my first book about the adventure of riding the 2014 Tour Divide. During the race, my friend Brion texted me quotes. I received them when reaching a town that had cell service. Some quotes were funny like “Each year, hundreds of trees grow because squirrels forget […]

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Turn. Take a different turn

by Andy Amick

When I worked in downtown Denver, I took a walk most days at lunch. For years, I turned right out of my building and headed north on the 16th Street Mall. Each day, I saw the same buildings, the same traffic light patterns, and the same sidewalks. Then, one day, as I was walking out […]

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A Bikepacking Trip In 82 Words

by Andy Amick

Yesterday, my buddy Brion and I talked about family, work, bikes, and travel over a couple of beers at Living The Dream Brewery (one of the best breweries in the south Denver area). As those conversations always go, bike trips past and future dominated the time. We talked about a trip from two years ago where we […]

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Merry Christmas Steven B

by Andy Amick

Three years ago, my father-in-law passed away on Christmas morning after battling Alzheimer’s. He impacted his family in many ways – teaching his kids the value of hard work, showing me how calmness and patience were better than my agitation, and teaching his grandkids about Pistol Pete and all things basketball related. But in this post, […]

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“Eye of Sauron” Paracord Hiking Stick

by Andy Amick

It’s time for another paracord wrap. This time with some bright colors, a hole in the middle, and Hobbits. Ok, there are only Hobbit references. Not actual Hobbits The previous stick reminded me of a penguin. When looking at this stick after drilling out a bad knot, “Eye of Sauron” jumped into my head. So, […]

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