2013 Tour Divide Finisher – Scott Thigpen

by Andy Amick

If you follow the Tour Divide at all, you know how much training and work riders put into the race.  If you don’t follow the race, you’re missing out. Earlier this summer, Scott Thigpen finished his Tour Divide in Antelope Wells, NM and was 4th place in the singlespeed category.  It’s a incredible feat to […]

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Tanya Koob Explores The Canadian Rockies

by Andy Amick

In early 2012, I came across Tanya’s blog Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies as I was looking at stories of other parents taking their kids on outdoor trips.  My kids and I get out on a regular basis, but nothing like Tanya and her family.  Almost every weekend, they are out hiking, camping, SUPing, […]

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