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Backpacking Along Colorado’s Highway 285 Corridor - In early October, I took two separate backpacking trips, with both of the trails being accessed from Highway 285 as it headed west from Denver towards Buena Vista. Even though trails were within an hour of each other, the terrain and scenery was quite varied. The reason for ending up along Highway 285 was simply […]
Be Prepared. Buy Altoids. - The title should be read like one of the WWII war bonds posters. “Be prepared, buy more altoids” or  “Have you bought your Altoids?” or “Do your part, buy altoids” Altoids tins are a simple and easy way to store an emergency kit in your backpack or on your bike. For anyone that enjoys a good […]
Geekery, Being Prepared, And No Zombies - A few weeks ago, I was listening to a Mac Power Users podcast episode (yes I’m a geek by day) on emergency preparedness from a tech perspective. The episode had me thinking deeper about preparedness from a tech preparedness as well as an adventure perspective. Even though Pale Spruce is built around outdoor preparedness topic, it’s been a […]
The Magic Of The Woods - In the last post on balancing being a dad and a dreamer, I discussed my conundrum of spending time outdoors with my boys as wells as having my own personal athletic ambitions. Soon after that post, I took my boys out for two nights of backpacking. Clarity came. The conundrum was gone. Getting outside often […]
Can You Balance Being A Dad And A Dreamer? - “You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one” How does one manage to be a good dad while also having their own dreams of adventures? That’s a question I struggle with often. It’s one that has really given me issues over the past month as the Tour Divide 2015 race got […]