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A Dream Worth Living

Finding strength in the depths of struggle along the Continental Divide

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On Friday the 13th, under a full moon and falling rain, Andy Amick completed the first day of the 2014 Tour Divide race. He climbed mountain after mountain, witnessed stunning sunsets, encountered the smiles and hospitality of countless people, crossed paths with a mountain lion, and rode through enough mud to last a lifetime. This is the story of one man’s dream to race the Tour Divide and his determination to reach the finish.




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Training for the Colorado Trail Race - How do you train for 500+ miles of technical mountain terrain? I’m using my 2014 Tour Divide training log as a guide, and using a very similar mantra. “When there is time, get outside.” I personally don’t prescribe to a training plan because too many other things in my daily life are scheduled. I want […]
Have You Ever Been Chased By A Turkey? - In all my years of mountain biking, I have been chased by dogs, crossed paths with a mountain lion, and been blocked by a cow on the trail. But never have I been chased by a turkey. That all changed last weekend. While pedaling up a dirt road, I noticed a sound. Not a squeak […]
Rethinking: Gear Placement - In the beginning, I packed my sleep system on the handlebars because it did not fit anywhere else. From that first day, I always packed my gear this way. Sleep system on the handlebar, clothes in the seat bag, food and water in the frame bag. Until now…. Swapping the sleep system to the seat […]
Douglas County Libraries Local Author Showcase - Join me and fourteen other authors Sunday August 19th at 2:00 p.m. to hear about their books. Douglas County Libraries in Castle Rock, Philip S. Miller branch 100 S. Wilcox, Castle Rock, 80104 Jon Wolfe – The Domestic Dominion. An isolated southwestern Colorado town denies a development company the opportunity to buy all surrounding land […]
Little Green Singlespeed. Oh, The Places You Will Go! - Next week, my kids start a new school year. Way too early to start if you ask me, but they didn’t ask me. Not only do I have two boys going to school, but my dear little singlespeed will be turning 18 and “graduating” this year. Dear Bianchi, oh the places you will go my […]