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Why Journey? - In the last two posts (Initial Thoughts and Embrace Sunrises), I’ve written about the balance between enjoying a journey rather than focusing so much on the gear used for the journey. What I didn’t mention is why go on a journey at all? Why go bikepacking – putting camping gear on a bike making it […]
Journeys Over Gear – Embrace Sunrises - In the initial post on this topic, I wrote about the dilemma of bikepacking. Lots of gear is required to go bikepacking, but the gear itself should not be the focus. Instead, it should be about the journey – the sunrises, sunsets, and people along the way. The idea of gear isn’t bad, nor should […]
Journeys over Gear – Initial Thoughts - Over the last two months, I’ve been writing more about my Tour Divide race experience with the idea of possibly turning it into a book. As I go through the days, the lessons I learned, and the people I met along the way, I’m reminded of just how amazing the journey turned out to be. […]
Guest Post- The Trashcan Major Crash - This is a guest post from my 8 year old son who had a little “issue” with a trashcan on a bike ride a few weeks ago. These are his words and his chosen title. My only assistance was with formatting. At first I thought he needed to write more, but after reading it, I […]
Emerging From The Motivation Haze - The picture above is a great representation of the Motivation Haze. It was taken on Day 2 of the 2014 Tour Divide as I was riding through the Canadian Flathead Valley. The beauty of the mountains and trees are there, just behind the foggy haze. Ever since the Tour Divide, my motivation to get out on […]