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Tour Divide Town And Re-supply Reference Notes - Being a planner and data geek, I developed my own notes for my 2014 Tour Divide ride. These notes were stored on my phone for easy reference throughout the ride. This allowed me to easily see what was coming up in the next town and how far away re-supply stops would be. If you’re a […]
Tour Divide Days 21-24 : Pie Town, Mud, and The Finish! - This is my final report on the 2014 Tour Divide race.  For those of you that have been following along, thanks for slogging through the long posts.  I plan on writing more about what worked, what I would change, and how I planned my days during the ride in future posts.  Hopefully, my write-ups have […]
Tour Divide Days 19-21 : Frustration, Fires, and Hail - After spending the night in our dirty hotel, Brian, Ken, and I left Del Norte early on Day 19.  The next real town was 190 miles away in New Mexico.  With only very limited supplies in those next 190 miles, I made sure I got coffee that morning.  I was not leaving until lots of coffee […]
Tour Divide Days 16-18 : Finishing Colorado - When I arrived in Breckenridge, I was having a hard time riding and walking because my left ankle (achilles and lower shin) was so sore.  It hurt to move.  That night, I iced it several times hoping it would feel better in the morning. The next day, it felt a little better, but not by […]
Tour Divide Days 14-15 : Colorado, Coffee, and Mountain Lions - I went to bed at the end of Day 13 knowing that I was only a few miles from the Colorado border and my home state.    But first, I was going to ride through the famed Aspen Alley as the sun was rising over the mountains.  The construction work had removed some of the […]