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Tour Divide Days 16-18 : Finishing Colorado - When I arrived in Breckenridge, I was having a hard time riding and walking because my left ankle (achilles and lower shin) was so sore.  It hurt to move.  That night, I iced it several times hoping it would feel better in the morning. The next day, it felt a little better, but not by […]
Tour Divide Days 14-15 : Colorado, Coffee, and Mountain Lions - I went to bed at the end of Day 13 knowing that I was only a few miles from the Colorado border and my home state.    But first, I was going to ride through the famed Aspen Alley as the sun was rising over the mountains.  The construction work had removed some of the […]
Tour Divide Days 10-13 : Wonderful Wyoming - Waking up to a calm sunrise makes for a great start to the day.  The colors and the calm of the morning more than make up for the cold temperatures.  Plus, I knew that this day would take me out of Idaho and into Wyoming, wonderful Wyoming.  It gets a bad rap from some riders. […]
Tour Divide Days 8-9 : Alone For The First Time - After not sleeping much the previous 2 nights, morning in Wise River found me tired with a craving for coffee and breakfast.  Unfortunately, the cafe in Wise River didn’t open for another hour and I wasn’t willing to wait that long.  So I left Wise River after eating a candy bar and cinnamon roll I […]
Tour Divide : Days 6-7 : Will I Ever Sleep Again? - For the first 5 days of the Tour Divide, I alternated between one good night of sleep and one bad night of sleep.  That was all about to change…for the worse. Even though it was quite chilly when I woke up in Lincoln for the start of day 6, at least it wasn’t raining.  Lincoln […]