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Latest Blog Posts

J.Paks FramePak Review - J.Paks is a Denver based maker of bikepacking bags. Joe, the owner, sewer, designer, do everything guy, has made all my bags for the Tour Divide ride this summer. For the frame bag, we met over beer and pizza to discuss options and my goals for the bag.  Joe offered some suggestions to my initial […]
2014 Safety Kit Updates - Usually the blog posts are about bikepacking, views from rides, and gear.  Once or twice a year, I have to mention product changes or additions.  Since it’s officially Spring now with warmer days conducive to more outdoor time, I figured it was a good time to mention a few product updates. Kid’s Safety Lanyard The […]
Life As Seen From The Saddle - A few weeks ago, I posted an Instagram picture with the caption “watching the scenery go by while pedaling a bike is a beautiful thing”.  It is an amazing view to experience the world at 15mph. Each change in incline is felt. A shift in the wind is noticed. A flower on the side of […]
There Will Always Be More – Find Your Path To Less - This month’s Path To Less post is a little different.  Instead of multiple links, this month will expand on an excerpt from a Colin Wright post that talks about finding out “plenty”. As we move from winter to spring, it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed with new commitments and be pulled in too many directions. And […]
First Impressions – Luxos U Dynamo Light - For my Tour Divide setup, I decided to go with a dynamo hub and light system.  This is my first experience with dynamo based lights, but I can say that I’ve been thoroughly impressed.  I pedal and then the light and my GPS turn on.  Magic!  There is no need for batteries. After researching a […]