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Tour Divide Recap : Days 3-5 : Montana Stole My Sleep - This post was supposed to cover days 3-7.  Once I started writing, I couldn’t stop.  So, this is a really really long post about 3 days in the Montana rain and snow.   Sleep.  Oh comfortable sleep, how I missed you during this section.  Days 3 through 5 would take me from the US border […]
Tour Divide 2014 Recap : Days 1-2 : Into the Cold Canadian Rockies - One of my reasons for riding the Tour Divide was to see places, magnificent places, that I had never seen before.  The Canadian section was at the top of my list, but instead I got mostly clouds, rain, mud, and snow.  That’s the short version of the story that has so many more details. Banff […]
Initial Reflections on the Tour Divide - The monster that is the Tour Divide is still too big for me to put into words.  A month after finishing, I’m trying to process the ride in my own head. All of it reminds me of a story my wife tells about her grandma.  One morning when grandma was making breakfast, she asked the […]
TD14: Day 23 & 24 (or, He Did It) - Tour Divide 2014 guest post by Kristi. He did it. He did it. Don’t get me wrong, we all knew he could do it. I knew once he started he would finish – that’s just who he is. But it’s one thing on the night before the race for me to tell Andy, “You got […]
TD14: Day 21 & 22 - Tour Divide 2014 guest post by Kristi. Andy has had a few slow days, he had to change his overall plans in concern of a forest fire. Saturday morning he had 340 miles left to go, I believe they are mostly flat miles on the road. His plan is to make a big push these […]