Colorado Trail Race – Final Gear List

by Andy Amick on July 26, 2019

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A quick post to document my CTR gear least.

CTR gear, bikepacking setup, Colorado trail

JPaks bags all around. Light on the front.


Gas tank bag, two feed bags. Enough to carry lots of food and my glasses to read the GPS.


Final decisions

  1. Switched to a down bag and a Klymit X Frame sleeping pad
  2. No bear spray
  3. Packing a stove for coffee and freeze dried meals. This choice forces me to take a break during the day. If I carry the meals, I’ll be inclined to stop and eat them, and also spend less time in towns because I can cook feed when I want to.
  4. Bringing partial food for days 2 and 3. This allows me to bring food options that I know work for me. I’m also less dependent on Silverton resupply options because I only need to get a few items for the push from Silverton to Buena Vista.

Gear that stayed the same since the 2014 Tour Divide

  1. Bivy and cuben fiber tarp
  2. Aero bars. I use them to push my bike and there are a few detour areas where I can take pressure off of my hands
  3. ETrex 20 GPS unit
  4. Short sleeve down jacket for extra layer
  5. Full length rain pants. I debated going to capri length but decided to go with full length given my history with bad weather.

 Gear List

bikepacking gear, colorado trailClick the icon below to open the spreadsheet. I included the weight of water (3L in backpack and 1L in soft bottle) to show the worst case scenario. My plan is to fill up the soft bottle only when I want to make a meal or stop for the night and have water at my campsite. Throughout most of the day, I can remove that 33 oz of weight from my frame bag.

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