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Don’t be caught outdoors without personal safety gear.

GetOutThere Kit
Designed for day trips or adventures where a small packable kit with quick access to first aid, personal care, and emergency gear is needed.
StayOutThere Kit
The StayOutThere is a complete first aid and personal care kit for touring or bikepacking. Designed for multi day trips, it is ready to go when you are. The optional survival add-on contains firestarting, water treatment, cordage, and other items.
CommuteOutThere Kit
Just the bare necessities for your daily commute - simple first aid, emergency gear, and micro towels to clean up.
Kid's Safety Lanyard
The Kid's Safety Lanyard contains the essentials to help keep your kids safe when they are enjoying the outdoors. The breakaway lanyard holds a waterproof ID tag, whistle, LED light, and multi-purpose storage capsule.
GetOutThere Refill
Refill for single use items in the GetOutThere kit.
StayOutThere Refill
Refill for single use items in the StayOutThere kit.
StayOutThere Starter Kit
A starter kit designed for multi day trips. Add desired personal care, medications, and survival gear to complete the kit.