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Think about how many mountain bike rides you have been on where everyone carried a spare tube, a pump, and a multi tool to fix their bike, but no one had a single first aid or emergency item with them.  What if you someone in the group had a very heavy crash, or you got caught out after dark without an emergency light, or you needed something as simple as Ibuprofen or sunscreen to let you enjoy your ride just a bit longer?

These types of problems led to the idea of “OutThere” kits, which are small lightweight kits that contain first aid, emergency gear, and personal care items.  This makes it easy to throw one in a hydration pack, backpack, or jersey pocket so that you are always prepared when you ride.

The kids kits came about after my kids showed an interest in the OutThere kits.  I then realized that they too were unprepared.  The simple yet effective kids kits allow parents to feel safer when outdoors with their kids.  Proper knowledge of what to do in an emergency will always be the most important, but the kits make it easier to alleviate an emergency.

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