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Bikepacking 101

This page is a resource to get you started with bikepacking.  There are links to gear setup posts, other bikepackers, and gear sites.

What is Bikepacking?

Bikepacking is simply camping by bike. Bikepacking is cycling plus camping

Introduction to Bikepacking series

    1. Getting started
    2. How to pack your gear on the bike
    3. The first overnight trip
    4. Time for the big adventure

Bikepacking posts

My current bikepacking setup – setup as of July 2011 but it has evolved since then.

Full suspension frame bag – Make an existing bag work for a Yeti 575 frame.

NoLogo hydration bladder frame bag – Store your hydration bladder in the frame bag and not on your back.

Make Your Own Gear – Coroplast seat bag – All of those political signs can actually be put to good use.

3 easy and inexpensive ways to save weight on your bikepacking setup – simple ways to lighten your bikepacking kit without spending a lot of cash.

Clothing options for bikepacking

Bikepacking Clothing For Extreme Conditions – Cold weather bikepacking clothes for snow, wind, and rain

A 3 Season Bikepacking Clothing System – A layering system for all but the coldest winter temperatures

A 2 Pound Bikepacking Clothing System– Listing of clothing items by weight and where they pack on the bike

Other Bikepackers

Kent Peterson

Jill Homer

Lynda W

Dave Nice

Gear Resources

ZPpacks – tarps, ground covers, and backpacks

Goose Feet – incredible down booties

J. Paks – bikepacking bags handmade in Denver, Colorado

Revelate Designs – bikepacking bags for your bike

NoLogo Bikepacking Bags – bikepacking bags for all areas of your bike

Mont Bell – down jackets, down sleeping bags, other clothing

Ray Jardine – MYOG sleeping quilts, insulated hats, and backpacks

Zen Stoves – MYOG alcohol stoves

Camp Saver – discount camping gear

Campmor – discount camping gear