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by Andy Amick on July 29, 2011

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This post was supposed to be the first in the bikepacking series and introduce backyard bikepacking, but I got sidetracked.  There was family in town, work, trying to finish Jill Homer’s TourDivide book, and a few other excuses I could throw in.  The end result is I don’t have that post completed, so here is a little teaser of my current bikepacking setup.  It changes each time I go out, but each change helps me dial it in a little bit better.

Setup ready for a night or three on the trail

Latest version of the bikepacking setup

One change I would like to make is to include a seat bag and handlebar harness from Revelate Designs, but that may have to wait until next year.  The current configuration works even if it takes a little more time to setup and breakdown camp.

Packing List

Front stuff sack – full sleep system including sleeping bag/quilt, tarp, ground cover, sleeping pad, insulated booties, down vest, and insulated hat.

Frame bags – food items, extra batteries, and phone.

Seat bag – extra clothes, wool cycling cap, extra socks, extra tubes, coffee making Heiny pot, and small notebook.

Backpack – bike tools, StayOutThere kit (first aid, personal care, emergency gear), survival kit, rain jacket, and rain pants.

Sleep System Detail

All sleeping items contained in front stuff sack

Front stuff sack containing full sleep system

The sleep system is the area that has evolved the most from my first bikepacking attempts.  I finally have it dialed in to the point where I don’t need to make any more changes.

The yellow stuff sack in the picture above contains the following items:

  • ZPacks Hexamid solo tarp – Super light, enough rain and wind cover, easy to setup, and Joe at ZPacks is great to work with.
  • Ray Way quilt – Thanks mom for sewing this!!  It’s the best sleeping “bag” I’ve ever owned.  I opted for synthetic over down because it still performs if wet.  The trade-off with synthetic is that it doesn’t pack down as small as down.
  • Kooka Bay 3/4 length sleeping pad – A lightweight option that you won’t see at REI.  The pad is very lightweight and packs down to a very small size.  It’s also made by a small company with great customer service.
  • Kooka Bay pillow – For 1.3oz, I’ll take a pillow and not worry about putting my head on my dirty clothes or rain gear.
  • Adventure Medical Kits SOL Thermal Bivy – the bivy is my ground sheet for most nights, but I can use it as a bivy on a cold or very wet night.  Having dual purpose items like this makes a big difference in the total weight and volume that I need to carry.
  • Mont Bell short sleeve down jacket – A full down jacket would be too warm for me, but the short sleeves make this the perfect amount of extra insulation for a cold night and around camp activities.
  • Ray Way insulated hat – Thanks again mom!!
  • Goose Feet down booties – These comfy lightweight booties make a big difference in how cold of a night you can tolerate.

I don’t have any scientific proof, but the combination of the down jacket, insulated hat and down booties add anywhere from 10-20 degrees of comfort to my sleeping quilt.

Next up, the real post on starting bikepacking via your backyard.


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