Thank You!

by Andy Amick on April 21, 2018

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A year ago, I clicked the “Publish” button, sending my Tour Divide book into the world. Two years of writing, and learning to accept my wife’s edits (I still hate that purple pen) came down to a single mouse click.

Thank you to everyone who bought the book, or thought about reading the book, or even looked at the book on Amazon and skipped over it for another book. Thank you for making time to read the story. Thank you for sharing the book with your friends and family.

Huge projects like a book or a 2000+ mile bike ride come with plenty of unknowns. You don’t know if you’ll finish or how it will be received. I have enjoyed hearing stories from friends of friends that read the book. And hearing how my dad has passed out books to almost everyone he knows. And hearing from others who said reading the book reinforced their classification of me as crazy.

Whatever your reason for reading the book. Whatever your reaction to the story in the book. Thank you. I hope you found some inspiration or discovered a place you’d like to visit.

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