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by Andy Amick on August 13, 2018

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Join me and fourteen other authors Sunday August 19th at 2:00 p.m. to hear about their books.

Douglas County Libraries in Castle Rock, Philip S. Miller branch

100 S. Wilcox, Castle Rock, 80104

Jon Wolfe – The Domestic Dominion. An isolated southwestern Colorado town denies a development company the opportunity to buy all surrounding land to build thousands of houses. The company president doesn’t take no for an answer. A group of teens notices unwanted changes taking place. When one of their own is kidnapped, they employ their lifetime knowledge of recreational sports to save the town. (video)

Dow Phumiruk – Mela and the Elephant. Mela sets out to explore the river near her village but quickly ends up in trouble when her little boat is swept downstream into the jungle. She encounters a crocodile, a leopard, and some monkeys but they can’t help her get back to her village. When an elephant arrives, Mela learns a lesson about kindness. This new fable is told with authentic Thai customs and includes a note with more Thai traditions and language. (video)

Katie Sanders – The Making of a Medicine Woman: Memoir of Bird Woman. Katie’s memoir follows her life as a medical intuitive and herbalist. As growth and challenges take place, she is guided by Native American elders, Celtic Shamans and is finally able to accept her destiny.

Diane P. Ferraro – The Soulful Experience: Take Your Company form So-So to Soulful and Exceed the Expectations of Your Customers and Employees. Delivering a soulful experience involves a conscientious effort to provide an unforgettable memory to customers. It describes anything from a visit to your website, shopping in your store, using your salon service to attending a branded event. A cohesive team that genuinely cares about the customer can only accomplish this. This book provides suggestions to business owners, executives, and managers who are ready to take steps to stand apart from the competition.

Dave Watts – The Powerful Little Real Estate Book. Becoming a landlord might seem impossible. This book offers tips and how you can follow Dave’s plan to work toward this goal. It includes questions to determine if this path is right for you, how to obtain money for down payments and strategies to cover the cost of real estate ownership and how to purchase and invest in real estate.

Lisa Reinicke – Bart’s Escape Out the Gate. A child forgets to close the gate and his pet dino gets out causing a big mess. The child has to get creative to capture the dino and get him back in the gate. Then the cleanup begins to take care of what was broken because of the mistake the child made.

Felix Cipher – Heaven’s Demons. In the strange and magical world of the Middle Realms, there are diverse races of people that inhabit the lands. Humans, elves, dwarves, and many more civil creatures thrive on this planet. However, the different races are viewed on a spectrum, and at the very ends of it, there are seraphs and demons. One exalted, and one feared. It is often taught that a person can only be either good or bad, and that anything in between isn’t really relevant or real. It isn’t easy for Dacitrynn, who grew up in a very uncomfortable spot his whole life. Being a crossbreed of an angel and a demon isn’t something that is welcomed in the world, especially since it is forbidden. After a lonely childhood of growing up strange and outcast with the seraphs, it is finally time for Daci’s life to change.

Sunny Weber – The Dog at the Gate: How a Throw Away Dog Becomes Special. This middle-grade children’s story is about Max who is rejected because he is different. Finally he finds his human who teaches him to harness his energy and intelligence and he heads to the national obedience competition. Told through Max’s voice, readers will meet several unforgettable dogs and humans. Sunny will also talk about Beyond Flight of Fight: A Compassionate Guide for Working with Fearful Dogs that was endorsed by Dr. Temple Grandin.

Izna Manzoor – Valley & The Faded Souls. In this book, the storyteller narrates an extraordinary family folktale. The story takes place in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the valley of Kashmir, marred by violence. The war walks uninvited into the house when one of the family members goes missing. A tale of a struggle in finding the disappeared. A tale of new-face of war.

Jeannine Bernardi – A Friendship Forever. This heartwarming story of friendship and the life of chimpanzees helps children understand and cope with loss, change and emotions. Beautiful illustrations and a Seek and Find will both assist in communication about loss. Ayo and Neo are best friends growing up in the African rainforest. They spend their days playing, finding food and grooming one another. But the forest is changing and one day Neo doesn’t come home. Ayo grieves for his friend and is helped by a wise old chimp. He learns that Neo can be found all around him in the rainbows, the wind and the ground. He learns to honor Neo by doing things he loved to do.

Andy Amick – A Dream Worth Living. On Friday the 13th under a full moon and falling rain, Andy Amick completed the first day of the 2014 Tour Divide Race. Even with a year of training and preparation, the physical and mental challenges pushed him further than he thought possible. During the 2,700 mile race from Canada to Mexico he climbed mountain after mountain, witnessed stunning sunsets, encountered hospitality of countless people, and crossed paths with a mountain lion. This is his story to race in the Tour Divide and reach the finish.

Teri Karjala – Be the Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life. Foreword by Jack Canfield. Teri shares her most dynamic, outside-the-box, practical tools that have completely transformed her clients’ lives by eliminating past trauma, hurt, fear and failure which has limited them. It offers the How-To tools to make the changes rather than just talking about change. Through these practices, readers discover the power within to create the life they want.

Shannon H. Andrus – Teaching Girls: How Teachers and Parents can Reach Their Brains and Hearts. This book reveals the type of teaching that engages girls intellectually, fosters creativity and bolsters their confidence. Drawing on descriptions of great lessons written by nearly 2,000 students and teachers, it offers a practical guide to anyone seeking ways to help girls succeed in school and beyond.

Diane Sawatzki – Manyhorses Traveling. Kate MacKenzie and Victor Manyhorses reunite for more adventures with Bear and Little Eagle in this time travel sequel to Once Upon Another Time. Kate and Victor’s relationship explodes under pressures of modern life. Will he return to 1863 to his tribe; will she try and follow him and rescue sixteen-year-old Doozie the saloon keeper?

Tam John – A Fresh Wellness Mindset: Personalize Your Food Life & Find Your Truth about Gluten. This book empowers and educates people to make better choices, because in our choices we can find habits that can create great health and wellness. A Fresh Wellness is written for the layperson, although it is scientifically referenced. The book is loaded with tips, ideas, and recipes for everyone to navigate finding their personal wellness groove abundant with healthful food. It busts the myth that eating well means food void of enjoyment. Vital food life isn’t about a diet or deprivation.

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