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Coming up – Introduction to Bikepacking series

by Andy Amick

With the release of the StayOutThere kit, it’s time to talk about bikepacking.  I’m starting the “Introduction to Bikepacking” series that ranges from how to test out bikepacking for the first time to the details of your first full bikepacking adventure. The series will consist of 4 posts: #1 – What is bikepacking and how […]

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Happy Father’s Day Dad

by Andy Amick

On this Father’s Day, I want to say thanks to my dad for being a wonderful dad and person.  Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I certainly would not have started Pale Spruce.  When I think of who my idols are, I don’t have to look past my parents. Here are […]

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Top 10 reasons why I’m a cyclist

by Andy Amick

Our passions are fueled by different reasons.  Cycling is my passion and here are my top 10. 10. My dreams of becoming an NFL linebacker got crushed at a very early age.  Have you ever seen a 5’9″ 150lbs middle linebacker?  Cycling lets me be my competitive self, but it doesn’t frown upon my stature, […]

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What to include on your Contact Information card

by Andy Amick

The contact information card included with Out There kits and Kids’ Safety kits is simple to fill out, but here are a couple of suggestions to make the card more useful. For Children Emergency contacts – You should include at least 2 numbers, but possibly three.  The first two should be the mobile numbers of […]

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What is an “Out There” kit?

by Andy Amick

“Out There” kits are a new approach to the areas of first aid and emergency gear for outdoor activities.  Instead of separate first aid, personal care, and emergency gear, we have combined all three elements into a single lightweight waterproof kit. At this time, the Get Out There kit is available, but eventually there will […]

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by Andy Amick

Welcome to Pale Spruce, maker of “Out There” kits.  We are a small family run business located in Castle Rock, Colorado. I started Pale Spruce after developing the idea of an “Out There” kit to be used on my mountain bike. The kits are designed around three principles: Combine elements of first aid, emergency, and […]

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