What is an “Out There” kit?

by Andy Amick on May 22, 2011

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“Out There” kits are a new approach to the areas of first aid and emergency gear for outdoor activities.  Instead of separate first aid, personal care, and emergency gear, we have combined all three elements into a single lightweight waterproof kit.

At this time, the Get Out There kit is available, but eventually there will be 3 different Out There kits.

  1. Get Out There – designed for day trips (cycling, hiking, skiing, trail runs, etc)
  2. Stay Out There – designed for cycling trips of 1-3 nights
  3. Explore Out There – designed for cycling trips of longer than 3 nights

How can first aid, personal care, and emergency gear be combined into a small kit?

Our small kit size is possible because we include the right mix of products for the intended duration of activity.

Most first aid kits package all items in a bulky container that makes it too big for day trip usage.  The Get Out There kit solves this problem by being packaged in a small container and including products that would be needed for a day trip adventure.  Instead of including every item in the main kit which again adds to the bulk, we have broken our kits into the main kit and a refill kit.  This makes for a small footprint for daily use, but  packages enough overall items to make the kit usable over a long time period.

Get Out There kit

Get Out There - kit and refill items

Equally as important as including the right items is excluding items from the kit.

When you look at kits from a perspective of what is really required, you find that you can exclude some items because they don’t apply to the intended duration of activity.  This is somewhat of a minimalist approach, but it’s also based on the Everyday Carry Kit (EDC) concept which focuses on carrying those items that are truly necessary.

For example, in the Stay Out There kit (due to be release later in 2011), you won’t find snare wire and fishing kits which are found in a lot of camping survival kits.  While these items may be helpful in some extended adventures, you are unlikely to need them for a 1-2 night trip.  When these types of items are excluded from the kit, the kit becomes much smaller and lighter.

If you are looking for a simpler approach to first aid, personal care, and emergency gear for your adventures, the Out There kits could be just what you need.


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