Top 10 reasons why I’m a cyclist

by Andy Amick on June 2, 2011

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Our passions are fueled by different reasons.  Cycling is my passion and here are my top 10.

10. My dreams of becoming an NFL linebacker got crushed at a very early age.  Have you ever seen a 5’9″ 150lbs middle linebacker?  Cycling lets me be my competitive self, but it doesn’t frown upon my stature, or lack thereof.

9. My car doesn’t define me, but my bikes say a lot about me.  My current collection includes a 5″ travel full suspension mountain bike, a titanium road bike, a beater commuter with homemade fenders, a singlespeed rigid mountain bike, and an in progress singlespeed road bike.  If your ideal car looks something like this, then you have the cycling bug too!

With the right bike, any car will do

With the right bike, any car will do

8. Expression via cycling socks.  You can have breakfast, donuts, or beer at any time as long as you want it on your socks.

Breakfast socks

Bacon and eggs any time of day

7. Nicknames – I’ve been dubbed Dorkboy which is understandable if you picture me in the socks driving my the junky car to my computer job.  But the more recent name is Iron Palmetto.  It’s a reference to my Southern heritage and maybe a statement of being a little rusty but still having some inner strength.  At least that’s my interpretation.

6. Ice cream – the more you ride, the more you can eat.  I could go for the frozen yogurt or maybe a cookie, but after a long ride I’ve earned my yummy ice creamy goodness.  And it doesn’t get better than coffee and Heath Bar mixed in.

Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

My favorite flavor, but most any flavor will suffice

5. Competition.  Every athlete enjoys competition every now and then, especially on those days where the world melts away and your body finds the perfect rhythm.  My most memorable was the Saturday morning ride when I finally won a hill sprint.  There were no medals or awards, but that morning there was no way any other rider was getting past me.  I can still remember passing the leading rider on the left as a dump truck was also passing me on the left.  It won’t go down as the safest thing I ever did, but when those competitive juices get flowing, you have to let it all hang out!

4. A single sport that allows me to race at the same events as the pros on the weekend, but hook up the Tag-A-Long and ride with my son to school.

Tag a Long

Headed to school. Look closely and you'll see my donut socks.

Think about it, most professional sports have venues all to themselves.  I’ll never play basketball in Madison Square Garden or drive at Indianapolis Speedway, but in cycling I can ride the same roads as the pros or even ride in the same events.  Granted, they get the good start times and better mechanic service, but I’m still part of the same event.

3. That first beautiful spring day of each year when nothing else matters except a bike ride.  This is the day where you can don the short sleeve jersey for the first time in months, feel the sun’s warmth on your arms, and dream of the adventures awaiting you during the season.  This is a magical day when traveled by bike.

2. Oh, the places you can go.  Bikes have taken me to such destinations as the top of Haleakala in Maui, the slickrock of Moab, Pisgah Forest in western North Carolina, the Colorado Trail, the top of Mt. Mitchell,  the highest paved road in North America.  This list doesn’t even mention the wonderful local trails I’ve found in Colorado, South Carolina, and North Carolina, or the individual race locations I have visited.  Just as existing as the places I have been are the places I dream to go.

And the number one reason why I’m a cyclist….surprisingly it is not directly related to bikes but it always brings me back to bikes.

1. The people you meet!!  Since I first starting mountain biking 16 years ago, my best and closest friends have always been those that I ridea with.  It is because of those friends that I will get up early for the Saturday morning shop ride or drive for hours to go race in the rain and mud.

These are my top 10.  What are yours?

Andy – aka Dorkboy

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