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Merry Christmas Steven B

by Andy Amick

Three years ago, my father-in-law passed away on Christmas morning after battling Alzheimer’s. He impacted his family in many ways – teaching his kids the value of hard work, showing me how calmness and patience were better than my agitation, and teaching his grandkids about Pistol Pete and all things basketball related. But in this post, […]

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“Eye of Sauron” Paracord Hiking Stick

by Andy Amick

It’s time for another paracord wrap. This time with some bright colors, a hole in the middle, and Hobbits. Ok, there are only Hobbit references. Not actual Hobbits The previous stick reminded me of a penguin. When looking at this stick after drilling out a bad knot, “Eye of Sauron” jumped into my head. So, […]

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The Making of “The Penguin” Hiking Stick

by Andy Amick

My youngest son outgrew his original hiking stick with the cool orange Turk’s Head wrap. For his replacement, he chose an aspen branch trimmed from a tree in our front yard. With him being the stubborn kid that he is, he insisted that I leave a section of another branch at the top of the […]

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New products! Simple Surivial Kits

by Andy Amick

After many prototypes and tests, I’m happy to announce the new Survival Kit products for Pale Spruce. Three new non-expiring survival kits are now available. All three kits are pocket-sized and small enough to drop into any backpack without taking up precious space. Weighing between one and three ounces, they try to cover as many […]

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Feeding Kids During a Bikepacking Trip

by Andy Amick

Holy cow! Two boys can eat a lot of food. And, of course, dad has to carry most of it when we go bikepacking. While preparing for our Colorado Trail Segment 1 trip, food became the biggest obstacle. We had a good system for the camping gear, clothing, and JetBoil stove, but where would all […]

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Bikepacking the Colorado Trail with Kids

by Andy Amick

For several years, I wanted to take my boys out on the Colorado Trail, completing one segment at a time. This year, we started that journey by riding Segment 1. Our plan involved two nights of camping along the 17 miles from the Waterton Canyon trailhead to the South Platte River. We could have easily […]

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Book Signing

by Andy Amick

Join me and Alpha Bicycle Company on June 7th for an evening of Tour Divide talk. This is definitely one of those things in life I never imagined. Just like I never imagined myself writing and publishing a book. But hey, it’s happening so come out and enjoy some bike talk and refreshments. You can […]

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Paperback is now available!

by Andy Amick

You can now buy the paperback version of A Dream Worth Living directly from Amazon for the low, low price of $11.99. The book is available for free Prime shipping, but there is some additional time required for the on-demand printing of the book. The paperback version contains a few additional pages of pictures taken throughout […]

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Win a free copy of “A Dream Worth Living”

by Andy Amick

What could be better than my book? Other than sunsets in the mountains, a new bike, clearing a technical section of trail for the first time. I better stop listing typing before I put my book at position 10,047,874. But up there on the list of good things is a new book, especially a free […]

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A Dream Worth Living

by Andy Amick

The book is now available in Kindle format at It’s only $0.99 for the first two weeks. Stay tuned for updates about the paperback release in late April. In the meantime, if you’re so inclined to buy and read the book, thank you. Thank you very much. After writing over 80,000 words for the book, […]

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