Emerging From The Motivation Haze

by Andy Amick on March 17, 2015

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The picture above is a great representation of the Motivation Haze. It was taken on Day 2 of the 2014 Tour Divide as I was riding through the Canadian Flathead Valley. The beauty of the mountains and trees are there, just behind the foggy haze.

Ever since the Tour Divide, my motivation to get out on bike rides has been minimal at best. I’ve been out for a few rides here and there, but nothing consistent. I think about riding. I want to go riding. However, the motivation to stay inside on bad weather days, or enjoy an afternoon of being still, or sit down to eat more ice cream has been stronger.

Luckily, the motivation to ride is becoming stronger and I can see the sunshine pushing through the haze. Nicer weather helps. The lure of spring time helps. I also think my mind and body have recovered enough to where I want to get out on the bike and enjoy the miles again, go bikepacking again, and simply be outside on my bike.

I write this not to complain, but to give perspective. I suspect there are other riders seeking adventures that have a similar personality and mindset to me. One where you don’t give up until you finish, and you’ll deal with the consequences later. Those consequences can sometimes be hard to swallow even though you know you gave everything you had to achieve a goal.

If you’re out there, how do you push through the haze? Did it just take time or were there specific steps you took to help?

Since being stuck in this haze, I have a renewed sense of awe at those cyclists who ride big events year after year. Doing it once is hard enough. Having the metal and physical strength to prepare for a follow-up attempt is quite amazing.

For those of us still trying to get past the effects of one adventure, I know the same determination used to reach the goal will eventually start to win again. Just like in the Tour Divide, the haze fades away and leads to bright and exciting days.


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