Guest Post- The Trashcan Major Crash

by Andy Amick on April 2, 2015

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This is a guest post from my 8 year old son who had a little “issue” with a trashcan on a bike ride a few weeks ago. These are his words and his chosen title. My only assistance was with formatting. At first I thought he needed to write more, but after reading it, I think he did a fantastic job. Take it away L.

The Trashcan Major Crash

It all started when I was looking back. Right when I turned around the trashcan hit my handlebars and I went down and onto the sidewalk!

I got 7 big scrapes – 1 on my elbow, 2 on my hand, 1 on my arm, and 3 on my knee! Dad and my brother came riding in.

Good thing Dad made the company Pale Spruce!!! I got bandaged up and we kept on riding. And life was good.

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  • Don Milligan

    Great guest post! Looks like dad’s safety kit saved the day, good thing you could keep

    • Thanks. Yes, it was a good thing we had some bandages and other supplies because he got quite a few big scrapes.

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