I Got This – Wisdom From A 5 Year Old

by Andy Amick on August 7, 2012

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A couple of weeks ago, we were camping with a group of friends and my youngest son started using the phrase “I got this”.  The phrase was used heavily on the waterfall hike, where he was telling the adults that he didn’t need any help with creek crossings, log bridges, or climbing rocks.  He even tried to help a few adults past some of these “difficult” sections.

For those of you that know my 5 year old, you can imagine what this looked like. For everyone else, just picture a very animated 5 year old with his hands held out wide, giving the adults a look, and saying “i got this”. I wish I had a picture of him saying it, but a bike picture will have to do.

i got this, I can do whatever i want


Applies to kids and adults

His actions got me to think about the phrase “I Got This” and how we adults might be able to put it to use. We should stop thinking and worrying what might happen. Instead, we should be bold and say “i got this”.

Want to learn a new skill?  I got this

Want to wear plaid shorts with a tie-dye shirt?  I got this.

Want to start a company?  I got this

Want to run around in the rain like a kid again?  I got this.

Want to take on a tough project that seems way out of your league? I got this.

Sometimes, it hurts

Ouch - sometimes things don't work out

You might end up injured, battered, or feeling down from time to time. But you will survive and be better for it. Plus, you never know what might happen unless you do it.

Most of the time, it’s awesome

the world is yours for the taking, go explore

Take on that dream, be determined to make it happen, and you’ll find an entire world can open up for you.

Who knew you could meet a princess - super hero and pumpkin hats help

You just might get the attention of several Disney characters and discuss your marital options with them. Seems crazy, I know, but I can’t make this stuff up. Being dressed as a super hero with Pumpkin Mickey ears probably helps the situation, but you still have to make that first move.

And the best part is that once you get started with your “i got this” approach, each new challenge gets easier and easier. Be bold.  Be fearless like a 5 year old and forget about what other people might think – you got this!

How I have been using “i got this”

Since our camping trip a few weeks ago, I have been taking the phrase to heart. I had been dreaming and scheming for more bikepacking trips, but I finally just decided that “i got this”.

First, I took my oldest son for an overnight backcountry trip on the Colorado Trail where we got to ride singletrack, listen to the rain as we played Uno in our tent, and even got to practice our bear bag hanging skills.


The next week, I took my “i got this” kid on an urban bikepacking trip to Chatfield State Park. We enjoyed some trail riding, laughs as dad took detours (aka – got a little lost), games of Uno after dinner, and even more games of Uno the next morning.

I had lots of other stuff I could have been doing, but these trips were more important.

Make your own “i got this” adventure

Get out there and do what makes you happy

So, what is going to be your “i got this” challenge to yourself?  Get off your butt and make it happen. In a month, a year, or even ten years, you won’t be looking back with regret. You’ll be glad that you took your time to say “i got this”.

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