Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Applesauce Style

by Andy Amick on July 25, 2012

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If you have young kids, you have probably seen the new trend towards the squeezable packets of applesauce.  They work very well for kids that can’t seem to get the spoon to their mouth without having applesauce end up flying in a 10 foot radius.  Ok, that’s probably almost all kids.

Starts as applesauce and reused as honey holder

My five year old loves the GoGo Squeez packets, but the empty packets can’t go in  your normal recycling stream when they are empty.  When I see all of these packets ending up in the trash, it makes me wonder if there is a better solution.


Honey, You’re Home!

The solution is to re-use the packets for camping!  Rinse them out and they make excellent containers for storing the honey to be used in the morning’s oatmeal.

GoGo Squeeze is the perfect container for camping honey

It does take a little patience to refill them with honey.  The packets are small, lightweight, and sturdy enough to be re-used multiple times.  Plus, it saves a container that you were going to throw away.


As an extra bonus – this gets your kids to think about how to reuse, how to come up with their own gear ideas, and it begins to mold another “make your own gear” bikepacking/backpacking nut.  And that’s exactly what my family needs – more nuts.

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