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Tour Divide 2014

Tour Divide 2014

Tour Divide Write-ups

Thank You! - A year ago, I clicked the “Publish” button, sending my Tour Divide book into the world. Two years of writing, and learning to accept my wife’s edits (I still hate that purple pen) came down to a single mouse click. Thank you to everyone who bought the book, or thought about reading the book, or even […]
Book Signing - Join me and Alpha Bicycle Company on June 7th for an evening of Tour Divide talk. This is definitely one of those things in life I never imagined. Just like I never imagined myself writing and publishing a book. But hey, it’s happening so come out and enjoy some bike talk and refreshments. You can […]
Paperback is now available! - You can now buy the paperback version of A Dream Worth Living directly from Amazon for the low, low price of $11.99. The book is available for free Prime shipping, but there is some additional time required for the on-demand printing of the book. The paperback version contains a few additional pages of pictures taken throughout […]
A Dream Worth Living - The book is now available in Kindle format at It’s only $0.99 for the first two weeks. Stay tuned for updates about the paperback release in late April. In the meantime, if you’re so inclined to buy and read the book, thank you. Thank you very much. After writing over 80,000 words for the book, […]
A Glimpse Into Surviving the Editing of My First Book - If the key to writing a book is continued focus, the key for editing is not letting the process hurt too much. This is especially true when your wife is your editor. Watching hard earned words being crossed off, moved around, and replaced hits a writer hard. So how did I survive the editing process? It […]
Visualizing the Tour Divide - In my quest to learn Apache Spark to support my day job as a software developer, I decided to analyze my 2014 Tour Divide GPS data. Working with an interesting data set always helps the learning process. Plus, I had the possibility of finding some interesting statistics and measurements about the ride itself. Daily Distance I […]
To The 2015 Tour Divide Riders (Especially Rookies) - The 2015 Tour Divide is only a week away! I’m sure the racers are going through that phase of being extremely excited, extremely nervous, and starting to second guess some of their preparation and gear selection. For such a huge undertaking, it’s a completely normal response. Those times when you are nervous and excited are […]
Tour Divide Town And Re-supply Reference Notes - Being a planner and data geek, I developed my own notes for my 2014 Tour Divide ride. These notes were stored on my phone for easy reference throughout the ride. This allowed me to easily see what was coming up in the next town and how far away re-supply stops would be. If you’re a […]
Tour Divide Days 21-24 : Pie Town, Mud, and The Finish! - This is my final report on the 2014 Tour Divide race.  For those of you that have been following along, thanks for slogging through the long posts.  I plan on writing more about what worked, what I would change, and how I planned my days during the ride in future posts.  Hopefully, my write-ups have […]
Tour Divide Days 19-21 : Frustration, Fires, and Hail - After spending the night in our dirty hotel, Brian, Ken, and I left Del Norte early on Day 19.  The next real town was 190 miles away in New Mexico.  With only very limited supplies in those next 190 miles, I made sure I got coffee that morning.  I was not leaving until lots of coffee […]
Tour Divide Days 16-18 : Finishing Colorado - When I arrived in Breckenridge, I was having a hard time riding and walking because my left ankle (achilles and lower shin) was so sore.  It hurt to move.  That night, I iced it several times hoping it would feel better in the morning. The next day, it felt a little better, but not by […]


The Start

Day 1 included lots of rain and even snow

The First Week of Hellacious Weather

The first week of the race included rain, snow, more rain, more snow, and finally sunshine as I made my way to Ovando, MT.

Richmond Peak, Tommy Lasorda quote

The Finish

When finishing at 3AM and 190 miles on the bike, the picture quality is the last thing on people’s minds.

Tour Divide finish