Anatomy Of A Bikepacking Gear Setup

by Andy Amick on February 24, 2015

in Bikepacking, Gear

For any bikepacking endeavor, especially for multi-day rides, where to place gear on the bike becomes a task that can consume a lot of time. What items need to be easily accessible? What items should be packed together? Can everything fit on the bike so the backpack can be left behind? These are just a few of the questions that we ask about our setups.

Below is the setup I used for my 2014 Tour Divide ride. Each rider I met had a different theory on gear placement that worked well for them. The key is to play around with what works best for your gear and your style of bikepacking. It’s a puzzle that has more than one answer.

Hover over the image and click the dots to see details on gear placement.

Bikepacking gear setup anatomy

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