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Colorado Trail Race – Beauty Within the Failure - The Colorado Trail Race is both brutal and beautiful. The beauty of the trail, the mountains, and the vistas allows one to keep pushing (literally) over pass after pass after pass. Unfortunately, this rider was not able to keep pushing to the finish. I had to stop my race on the third day in Lake […]
Colorado Trail Race – Final Gear List - A quick post to document my CTR gear least.   Final decisions Switched to a down bag and a Klymit X Frame sleeping pad No bear spray Packing a stove for coffee and freeze dried meals. This choice forces me to take a break during the day. If I carry the meals, I’ll be inclined […]
Colorado Trail Race Gear List (Work in Progress) - While preparing for the Colorado Trail Race, I re-organized my gear placement to account for more singletrack riding. For the Tour Divide, I aimed to place all gear on my bike with the bulk of the weight on the handlebar. The setup worked well for the limited technical riding on the Tour Divide. For the Colorado trail, most of […]
Training for the Colorado Trail Race - How do you train for 500+ miles of technical mountain terrain? I’m using my 2014 Tour Divide training log as a guide, and using a very similar mantra. “When there is time, get outside.” I personally don’t prescribe to a training plan because too many other things in my daily life are scheduled. I want […]
Rethinking: Gear Placement - In the beginning, I packed my sleep system on the handlebars because it did not fit anywhere else. From that first day, I always packed my gear this way. Sleep system on the handlebar, clothes in the seat bag, food and water in the frame bag. Until now…. Swapping the sleep system to the seat […]