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Tour Divide Book Cover Ideas - My book about riding the 2014 Tour Divide is getting closer to completion. While the writing took a lot of work, the editing processing has proved to be even tougher. I guess I’m a better rider than a writer I’m also a better rider than a graphic artist. So, I’d like your feedback on the […]
Watching Your Kids Push Their Limits - One of the best things in life is watching your child accomplish a task they deem impossible. Of course, it’s even better when that something involves a bike. Earlier this summer, my 12 year old son and I headed out for an overnight bikepacking trip. While we rode the trails toward Chatfield State Park (the same […]
A Bikepacking System Built From Three Companies - No, this is not about the 70’s show “Three’s Company”. It’s about building a bikepacking system – one using gear from only three different companies. Bikepacking allows riders the freedom to explore new areas and go deeper into trail systems. However, it also requires a minimum amount of gear to get started. This post will […]
Visualizing the Tour Divide - In my quest to learn Apache Spark to support my day job as a software developer, I decided to analyze my 2014 Tour Divide GPS data. Working with an interesting data set always helps the learning process. Plus, I had the possibility of finding some interesting statistics and measurements about the ride itself. Daily Distance I […]
Welcome Back Blog! Were You Lost? - Hey there. Remember me? Apologies for being gone so long. No one got lost and there hasn’t been a shortage of ideas for posts. The problem has been that I haven’t been outside much over the last few months, and that’s usually what triggers my desire to keep writing posts. It’s not all bad though. One of […]