Three Benefits Of Reducing Your Riding By 90%

by Andy Amick on March 9, 2016

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While out on a ride the other week, it hit me that 2015 saw my riding reduced by 90% over the 2014 levels. Initially, I was a bit disturbed by that realization. However, I kept pedaling and found three positive twists on such a reduction.

1. Recovery

When a picture of your bike sparks images of pain instead of excitement, it’s time for a break.

tour divide cockpit view with jones H bar

Most physical ailments will go away with reduced miles and extended rest. My physical issue was numbness in my hands as a result of riding the 2014 Tour Divide. Almost a year after the race, my hands would go numb and hurt within the first 15-20 minutes of a ride. After taking most of the year off the bike, the numbness has gone away.

2. More money for beer and ice cream

Mmmm, ice cream.

ice cream cycling

You know all of that money that would have gone towards replacing tires, chains, worn out gear, and snacks during rides? It can all be diverted to tastier treats like ice cream and good craft beer. The cost of a new chain and tires can buy a lot of cookie dough ice cream.

3. What’s old is new again

The trails, roads, and routes that become boring when riding them week after week after week have a chance to fade from your memory.

lure of the trail, path to less

When you finally get back on the bike, it’s like you’re riding them again for the first time. What was old has a chance to become new again – the roads, nuances of the trails, sights along the route, and the smells of the trees and flowers. They all awaken your senses and bring joy to the once routine rides.


Of course, making this 90% reduction is not something that should be done very often. Maybe once every 20 years is appropriate.

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