Goldilocks And The Three Down Layers

by Andy Amick on November 27, 2012

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Outside of a couple of short runs and one muddy mountain bike ride, the last two months have not had much adventure.  I’m finally getting outside more and that’s when the goofy ideas start to flow.  Hey, you gotta have some fun, and this is one of those cases.

So sit back and enjoy the Movember Goldilocks and the three down layers video:

The Land’s End Down Vest is bargain priced, a little heavy for a down vest (9.25 oz), but it’s not quite warm enough.  A vest leaves the arms exposed.

The Stoic Hadron Cardigan is a long sleeve 850 fill down cardigan.  It’s incredibly light (6.48 oz), reasonably priced, but just too warm for summer bikepacking.

But finally, we have the Mont-Bell Ultralight Down T which is just right – not too warm, not too cold.  The lightweight (5.98 oz) 800 fill down in a short sleeve design is the perfect insulation layer for bikepacking.  It packs down to a very small size and provides just the right amount of warmth.  It may look a little goofy (or a huge amount of goofy), but it works and that’s what makes is “just right”.

All three of these down layers would be good items to carry when camping or bikepacking.  And the best part is that you can find each of them on sale from time to time which makes them an even better deal.  However, if you want the perfect amount of warmth for summer or fall trips, you have to try the Down T from Mont-Bell.  Combine it with some wool arm warmers and a rain jacket and you’ll completely forget that you don’t have a full sleeve down layer.

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