Do Your Best Thoughts Occur When Riding?

by Andy Amick on December 4, 2012

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Bring paper and pen for your long rides when your mind can relax and solve problems

There is something about a long ride that let’s your mind relax, generate some great ideas, and even solve problems that seemed complex.  Maybe it’s the solitude.  Maybe it’s the cadence of pedaling.  Maybe it’s getting away from the problems you are trying to solve.  It’s probably a combination of all three.  The only downside is that these great ideas or solutions occur while riding on a bike without access to paper or a computer.

I still remember the first time I had an a-ha moment for computer related problems.  I was driving home from wrestling practice in high school when the solution to a problem that had me stuck just popped into my head.  I had to get home and write down the thoughts so I could work on them in class the next day.

Since high school, I have solved a few problems while driving in the car, but a whole lot more were solved while running or cycling.  And there is no way to count the number of ideas that I have come up with while riding.  It’s great to have these thoughts and solutions while riding, but a lot of times these thoughts become a jumbled mess in your head by the time you get home from a ride.

Instead of trying to rush home with my thoughts, I discovered that the pouch on the GetOutThere kit is the perfect size to hold a small pen and several sheets of paper.  Now, when those moments of clarity come, I can write down my thoughts before they fade away.

Inka pen and Rite In The Rain paper

For my kit, I use a few sheets of Rite In the Rain waterproof paper and a Nite Ize Inka pen.  They easily fit in the pouch and the waterproof paper ensures that I won’t have a soggy mess if it gets wet.  There are several other small pens like the Fisher Space Pen or even small ink refills that would work, but Nite Ize is a local Colorado company so their products get my vote.

Granted, a lot of these thoughts turn out to be crazy or complete junk once  I get home and think about them more.  There are a few that could be considered crazy but kind of good.  And then occasionally, there is that one that is just crazy good and I’m glad I was able to write it down.

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