Where Has Your Bike Taken You?

by Andy Amick on May 1, 2013

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It’s a subtle difference, but it’s not about where you have taken your bike.  It’s really about the places your bike has taken you.  And those places are some incredible places.  Instead of focusing on the next ride or next trip, it’s a good idea to occasionally look back and think about the variety of rides your bike has allowed you to experience.

Oh, The Places You Have Gone

When first thinking about the places my bikes have taken me, I began to list out the various location.  Turns out that I have ridden in a lot of different places, but only in a few actual US states.

Even within the states, my riding places has been in two main areas. The first is the states that surround South Carolina where I grew up and started my mountain bike adventures. The second is a group around my current home of Colorado. For good measure, there is Wisconsin, California, and Hawaii mixed in as one-offs.

If you’re interested in making your own map of states visited or states biked in, you can visit the US map maker at http://diymaps.net/us_12.htm.

Do you have a similar pattern of riding in states close to home?  Or would your map contain blocks of states that you rode through on a long tour or cross country ride?  Maybe you’ve competed in lots of races across the country.  No matter the situation, it’s nice to step back and look and the many places the bike has taken us.

If your map doesn’t include enough states, it’s time to add to the list.  Personally, I’d like to add Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana to my list.

The Top Three

Out of all of the states, roads, and trails the bike has taken you, can you choose your top three rides?  Would they be based on an awesome trail, the people you rode with, or maybe one of those perfect days we experience on the bike?

For me, the top three come from North Carolina, Colorado, and Hawaii.

Coolest Ride- Haleakala in Maui.  Cycling from sea level up to 10,000 feet while passing through several different climates and seeing the view from the top is cool enough.  But then you get fly back down to sea level and enjoy some sweet swoopy switchbacks that don’t require much braking.

bikepacking with kids on the colorado trailAll-time Favorite – Sycamore Cove outside of Brevard, NC.  It’s not a long or hard trail, but it’s loads of fun.  The trail has a great flow and it reminds me of my early days of east coast riding with trees, creek crossings, roots, tacky dirt, and a little mud.

Most Rewarding – Bikepacking with my kids.  Does it get any better than being able to share a bike adventure with your kids and then have them ask to go on more trips?

What’s Next?

Stepping back to look at where we have been is a great exercise to inspire us to move forward.

There are a lot more trails and roads waiting to be explored.  Where will the bike take us next?

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