What is your most important piece of gear?

by Andy Amick on September 27, 2011

in Bikepacking, Gear

Today’s post is a poll with a simple question on your gear choices. I thought it was an easy question, but trying to decide on my single answer was a little more difficult than I thought it would be.

When it comes to preparing for a bikepacking or camping trip, what do you consider to be your most important piece of gear? 

When answering, assume for a minute you are on the trip from hell and you are left with only one piece of equipment in addition to your bike, food, and water. If your item is not listed, feel free to type in your own answer.

Only one selection is allowed so it will be interesting to see what gear gets the most votes. Results will show after submitting. I will also follow up with a results post in several weeks and let you know which item got my vote.


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