Less and More – Enjoy your rides again

by Andy Amick on September 15, 2011

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This is the second “Less and More” post.  The idea behind these posts is to boil down a problem or goal into two simple actions – one to do less of and one to do more of.

Today’s topic – how to enjoy your bike rides again.

Less Gears

 Less science

More riding

More fun, a helluva lot more fun!!

Oh yeah, singlepseed is where it’s at.  I don’t think you can find someone that isn’t smiling after they finish a singlespeed ride!  Sure, the climbs hurt a little, but the simple elegance of the singlespeed experience makes up for the short periods of hurt.

If you don’t believe it, give it a try.  Take the route that you ride most often and ride it singlespeed with your current bike.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a trail ride, a road ride, a commute, or a cyclocross ride.  Give yourself a 5-10 minute warm up to decide on a gear, and then take off. As long as the route doesn’t have any huge climbs, it’s almost a given that your singlespeed time is going to be very close to your geared time.

There is something almost zen like when you don’t think about gears.  If you want to go faster, pedal harder.  If you spin out on the flats, enjoy the pedaling break and look at the scenery.  When the road/trail allows you to pedal again, you will be a bit rested and ready to attack the hills.

Go and enjoy your rides again.


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