Lance Armstrong And Roger Goodell Are My New Best Friends

by Andy Amick on September 25, 2012

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The NFL is a joke.  Did you see the sham that was the Green Bay vs. Seattle game. Commissioner Roger Goodell’s replacement refs made a horrible call on the last play and let the wrong team win.

Pro cycling has been doped to the gills for years.  Lance Armstrong is going to lose all 7 of his Tour de France titles and be banned from any USADA events in the future.

Seriously, these two jokebags are my new best friends.  Yes, I really mean it.


Because now I have a lot more free time on Sundays and in the month of July.  I’m free to go for bike rides and enjoy the fall weather.  I’m free to go play in the backyard with my kids and not worry about missing a game.  I’m free.  I’m free.  I’m free.  And anyone that can free up a lot of my time becomes a best friend.

The NFL has billions upon billions of revenue coming in and they can’t find a way to put the best referees on the field.  They’re going to ruin the biggest sport in America over referee pay?  What a crock.  Thank you Roger Goodell for being my new BFF, but I’m not going to watch you ruin a professional sport any longer.

And Lance, we all know you and everyone else that was a Tour contender doped.  The last 15 years of the Tour could simply be erased and we’d be better off.  He survived cancer and trained harder than anyone else.  I will always applaud him for that.  But then he let greed, arrogance, and money get the best of him.  He’s created this unbelievable story that he never doped while everyone around him was doping and he still managed to beat them by minutes each year.  What a crock.  Again, thanks for being one of my new BFFs, but I’m done.

You’re overreacting

How can I claim to value honesty, integrity, and doing what you love over doing things for money while still watching the NFL and pro cycling?  Do I want my kids to see me as a hypocrite?  Nope.  I know there are a lot of good guys in cycling and the NFL, but the institutions that support them are not so good.

Some may say that I’m being silly to give up on sports that I love.  I’m not giving up on them.  I’m simply choosing to enjoy them on my terms.  My kids and I will still play football in the yard and they will somehow tackle me 1 foot short of the winning touchdown in every game.  I’m still going to enjoy cycling, but it will be because I’m riding my own bike and not watching someone else.

Here’s to freedom

Roger/Lance, thanks for being my new best friends.  You both have given me so much new free time, but you are both losers who are ruining sports that I love.  If you want to find me and discuss how it’s possible that you are my BFF while at the same time I don’t want to see you, just look in my backyard or on the local trails.  I’ll be the guy smiling because of all the new free time I have.

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