Happy Friday – Not So Marathon Edition

by Andy Amick on September 21, 2012

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happy friday links for the week camping kids bikepackingHappy Friday!  Tomorrow I’ll be running in the Rock n Roll Denver half marathon.  It was supposed to be a full marathon for me, but I missed a couple months training so I cut it back to the half.  Initially, it was very frustrating, but by accepting the setback, I was able to do more bikepacking trips this summer.  Seeing as how bikepacking is more fun than solo 20 mile training runs, it wasn’t really a setback after all.

Now, on to the articles for this week that may be of interest to you.  This week’s edition has hiking, running, and cycling in the mountains.  I think that just about covers all of the ways to navigate trails..


Gossamer Gear – Sub 5 in the Weminuche – Glen recaps a sub 5 pound trip he took in Southwest Colorado.  It’s complete with pictures, a full gear list, and some lessons learned on trying to go too light.  If you’re into going more lightweight, it’s worth your time.

Jill Outside – Tor des Geants, day four – Day four of Jill’s Tor des Geants recap has some incredible photos and a picture of a goat with some insanely long horns.  Her other recap posts also have some awesome pictures as she shows the beauty of the area’s mountains and details her boyfriend’s race progress and his ability to get stronger as the race keeps going.


Driven To Divide – TNGA Gear List – Scott competed in and finished the grueling TNGA race this year.  This post details the gear he used and offers some insights into what worked and didn’t work.  But be warned, he talks about enjoying BBQ Vienna Sausages so he is a little bit crazy.

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