Life Is Short. Embrace Each Day

by Andy Amick on April 17, 2013

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In the midst of tragedy and loss, can anything good come out of it?  That is a question that has been on my mind since Monday’s horrible events at the Boston Marathon.  We have probably all gone through so many emotions from shock, disbelief, anger, sadness, blessed, vengeful, hurt and many others.  Instead of dwelling on the bad and returning the hate that caused this tragedy, I’m trying to find something positive to hold onto.

While trying to remain positive, we need to keep those affected by the events of Monday in our thoughts and prayers.

Embrace Each Day

The past is done and we don’t know what tomorrow brings.  The only real effect we can have is on today.  So make each day the best it can be.  Do good.  Don’t do harm.

This is the message we can take from Monday’s events and other tragic events that occur throughout our lives.  Of course the events are painful and no one wants them to occur, but they do happen.  We can choose to triumph in these trying times and still work towards embracing each day and realizing the blessings we have in our lives.

Warren and Betsy Talbot’s “Married With Luggage” podcast from this week is about this topic of dealing with loss and coming through it as a better person.  In the episode, their guest Michelle Steinke serves as an amazing example of how we can triumph even when we face a terrible loss.

Do That Which Makes You Happy

We don’t know what tomorrow brings, but we can’t crawl into a cave and do nothing.  We have to find those things that make us happy and drive us towards our dreams.  Once found, we have to embrace them and live life to it’s fullest each and every day.

For about a month, I’ve had the picture below taped inside my notebook at work to remind me of what’s important in my life and also to make me laugh when things are not going smoothly.  My family, getting outside, and cycling are what make me happy.  The visual reminder makes it easier (not easy, but easier) to determine if an activity is part of where I want to go.  If it’s not part of that, I’m learning to not let it have a negative effect on me and my day.  Sure, I still have to finish those items, but I don’t have to let them control my thoughts and cause me to become frustrated.  Instead, my energy can be focused on my goals and what can make today a good day.

have fun and do things that make you happy

Find what makes you happy and pursue your dreams.  Take every day and do something that gets you closer to your dreams.  It can be as simple as thanking someone who has helped you, or going on a bike ride to train for an event.  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Do it today.

Life is short, keep working towards your dream.

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