Less and More – Faster singlespeed riding

by Andy Amick on October 18, 2011

in Cycling

The Less and More posts break down a problem or goal into two simple actions – one to do less of and one to do more of.

Today’s topic – Riding your singlespeed faster

Less Whining

 Less science

More riding

More RPMs

Is that not what you were expecting?  Did you want some earth shattering insight from me?  I’m all out of insight, but I do know how to pedal one gear faster.  There is no trick to it.  You just have to push through the pain and make your legs go around faster.


Faster legs = faster bike.


That’s what several semester of physics will get you these days.

 Singlespeed gear closeup

Yes, it’s hard.  But quit whining and ride faster.  I already hear too many people at my day job say that a task is too hard.  It might be hard, but do it, do it right, and be done with it.

Go pedal your gear and pedal it proudly.

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