January Running Challenge – Week 1

by Andy Amick on January 9, 2012

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January Running Challenge for a cyclist

The Challenge

For the month of January, the challenge is to run 28 miles.  Thanks to the new Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and blog subscribers.

That total was not as high as expected, and isn’t much of a challenge considering a couple of long-ish runs will basically meet the goal.  Therefore, the challenge is going to change a bit.


As a friend from college always says “Go big or go home” so I’m going big, well bigger.  The 28 miles will remain the goal, but that goal is now for the final week of January rather than the entire month.  With my luck, that will be with 10 degree temps and snow on 4 of the 7 days.  But that is the challenge and I’ll live with it.

On to the first week.


Week 1 – We have liftoff!

Running Challenge lift off - all systems go


All systems are a go.  The weather was favorable for the week.  The plan was to start out slow and build up to longer runs and that big 28 mile week at the end.

Three runs were logged this week.




Running Challenge statistics for week one

First run of year – 1/2 for 1.6 miles

Weekly mileage – 6.6 miles

Total January mileage – 6.6 miles



After running for several months, a 3-5 mile run has become much easier.  I’m no longer hurting or tired at the end.  Maybe I’ve found my “running lungs” and my breathing has adjusted to running.  It’s kind of like finding your cycling legs where longer rides don’t kill your legs.  Next step is to step it up to longer runs, and preferably some trail runs.


My knees prefer cycling.  I did have some pain just below the right kneecap that would come and go throughout the day.  After some deep icing of the knee, the pain has mostly gone away.  Not exactly sure what the issue was, but ice seems to help.


Overall Feeling

After week one, all systems go


A snowy week ahead

Overall, it has been a good first week.  Week two should be interesting considering there are 6″ of snow on the ground as I write this.  The melting will make for some icy sidewalks and muddy trails.

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