What’s In Your Pack – Mountain Bike Edition

by Andy Amick on December 29, 2011

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What do you bring along for your mountain bike rides?  There are the basics – spare tube and tools – but what else should you include?


The following video details the contents I bring on my rides.  Think of this as my Every Day Carry (EDC) kit for mountain biking.


We each have our own ideas of what to carry, so please comment with any items you bring that are not mentioned or items you exclude.


The video ended up longer than expected.  My parents always said I talked too much and this is proof of that. 


An EDC kit for a road ride will be slightly different and usually smaller.  An overnight trip kit will contain a number of additional items for first aid, hygiene, emergency, and clothing.  Videos for these will be coming soon.


When you head out for a mountain bike ride, are there special items that you carry?  Do you pack differently depending on the ride being a short ride or epic ride?

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