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by Andy Amick on June 1, 2012

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Happy Friday.  No need to stay here.  Go explore some other sites and articles that may be helpful to you.  This week’s edition features a few tips, tricks, and a calculator.


Gear Calculator – A handy online calculator to help you pick your singlespeed gear.  You can enter several chainring and rear cog sizes to see how the various sizes compare.  Did you know that a 36×20 has almost the same ratio as a 32×18?


Be Prepared? But against what? – Yes, it’s another link from Andrew Skurka.  Not stalking his posts, but this one has some good info about how to prepare for an adventure and how spending some time analyzing your route can save you a lot of weight and be better prepared.


How To Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder – Brian Green posted this tip.  As a user of hydration packs for almost 20 years, I had never heard of this simple tip.  For a runner, this can make a big difference so you don’t go bonkers from hearing the sloshing water.


Tour Divide: Frequently Asked Questions – An oldie but goodie from Kent Peterson answering some of the questions about the Tour Divide and the gear he used for his 2010 ride.  If you’re a singlespeeder (and really, shouldn’t everyone be a singlespeeder), it has some good info about ratios that Kent and others have used on the Tour Divide.



Enjoy the weekend.  Get out and do some cycling, hiking, or camping.

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