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by Andy Amick on June 15, 2012

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Happy Friday.  No need to stay here.  Go explore some other sites and articles that may be of interest to you.  Today’s edition has water, new products, races, and dealing with annoyances


Hydration Summit – Hydration at the extremes.  A few tips on hydrating in the cold, humidity, altitude, and even while exploring caves.  In these extremes, it can be tough to take in enough fluids and that can then lead to a vicious cycle where the body needs even more fluids.


Revelate Designs – Sweet Rolls.  No, it’s not a sticky bun, but something even tastier from Revelate Designs.  This is the newest handlebar mounting bag that integrates the mounting harness and bag into a single unit.  It’s also customizable  with pockets or even a holder for a SPOT device.


Kent’s Bike Blog – The Need to Race.  Another good perspective from Kent, aka the Mountain Turtle, on why racing is good even if you don’t race yourself.  It’s an idea I had never considered before but it makes perfect sense.


Married With Luggage – A choice between screaming and smiling.  Warren from Married With Luggage gives some tips on how to respond to the little annoyances.  Instead of letting them really get to you, look at the situation with a different approach to let your stress and frustration fade away.


Enjoy the weekend.  Get out and do some cycling, hiking, or camping.  Oh, and don’t forget Father’s Day on Sunday.

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