A Glimpse Into The World Of Bikepacking

by Andy Amick on October 24, 2013

in Bikepacking, Camping

Are you curious about bikepacking but unsure about how gear is packed on the bike or some of the logistics?  While testing out some gear in my yard, I decided to do a full camp setup and time lapse the process of waking up and switching from camping mode to bike riding mode.

Ideally, the video would be made when actually bikepacking, but I’m too lazy to lug a tripod around and I’d be watching the sunrise while eating breakfast instead of filming anyway.  So hopefully, a backyard version of a bikepacking morning still conveys the general idea.

Don’t forget that backyard bikepacking is actually a good way to ease into the world of bikepacking.

The video shows a lightweight setup that does not use a stove for hot meals or morning coffee.  This type of setup works well for an overnight trip or when there is access to convenience stores or towns.  For a more casual trip, the morning routine would definitely involve watching the sunrise with hot coffee in hand.

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