Simple Lightweight Gear Repair Kit

by Andy Amick on November 2, 2012

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Recently, I updated the items I carry for gear repair on bikepacking trips.  All items are now packed in a single ALOKSAK bag making my gear repair kit more organized and waterproof.  The idea for this came from Stick’s Blog and his post on his updated ditty bag which comes in at a very light 8 oz. The gear repair kit weighs 1.71oz. and fits into my existing StayOutThere kit that I carry when bikepacking.  The total kit with the addition of the gear repair items weighs 13.1oz.


(1) 24″ Cuben fiber tape

(2) 2.5″ Cuben fiber patches

(1) Foldable scissors

(1) Nite-Ize #2 S-Biner

(4) Zip ties

(1) 8″ Tenacious tape

(2) Therm-a-Rest glue dots

(1) Therm-a-Rest patch

(1) Therm-a-Rest Tear-Aid adhesive patch

(2) Safety pins

(2) Sewing needles

(1) Kevlar thread

(1) Sewing thread

What’s Not Included

This kit does not contain any sil-nylon repair items because the only sil-nylon item in my bikepacking kit is a sleeping quilt.  If the quilt gets a tear while camping, I can stitch it up with the needle and thread.  There is also no duct tape included, but the StayOutThere kit I carry already contains 18″ of duct tape.  Plus, the Tenacious tape can be used in place of duct tape for repairs. The kit weight could be reduced by removing the foldable scissors and the S-Biner.  This would save 0.5oz, but for now, I’m keeping them in the kit.  If I choose to reduce the weight, I would opt to remove the scissors since there is already a razor blade in the StayOutTherekit and the scissors “could” be considered redundant.

What Do You Carry?

For your bikepacking or backpacking adventures, do you bring a similar repair kit?  What items would you add or remove?

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