Would You Like The Option To Build Your Own Kit?

by Andy Amick on November 8, 2012

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Choose Your Own Adventure First Aid KitRemember those choose your own adventure books from when you were a kid?  You know, “If you want to chase the robbers into the forest with guns a blazing, turn to page 34.  If you want to wait til dark and raid their camp, turn to page 71”.

What if we took this concept to first aid/safety kits?  Think of it as the CYA kit with the name meaning either “Choose Your Own Adventure” or “Cover Your A@@”.  The acronym works for either one.

I’m always looking at ways to make the OutThere kits better.  One idea that has popped into my head on more than one occasion has been a build your own type of kit.  From building out the OutThere prototypes, I know that it can be hard to find some of the items that make a small lightweight kit.  And if you can find them, ordering just 1 or 2 will kill you on shipping costs.

Would anyone be interested in such a kit?  I’m not aware of any other kits like this that are focused on cycling or ultralight camping trips.

Why a “build your own” kit?

It’s all about you choosing what works best for you.

  • If you live in the West and there are no mosquitoes, add a few extra sunscreen packets to combat the blaring sun.
  • Want a kit that contains only knuckle bandages?  Go for it, but it would be cheaper to head over to a drug store.
  • If you live on the East Coast and the mosquitoes engulf you whenever you stop, add a few extra insect repellent wipes.
  • If you think a whistle or LED light are not required, use that space for more Ibuprofen or gauze pads.
  • Want a little more security on your backcountry rides?  Add a trauma pad to your kit.

How would this work?

I have no freaking idea!  How’s that for an answer.  If the idea of a build your own kit interests you, leave a comment or send me an email and we can talk details.  The first few custom kits may take a while to work out and put together.  But I’m willing work offer the first handful of kits at a huge discount while we work out the kinks in the process.  If there is enough interest, maybe the first few would even be free except for the cost of shipping.

As far as what to include in the kits, I think the OutThere kits already available would be a good starting point, but that list of items is certainly not the only items that could be included.  Go crazy, dream up your perfect ideal kit and let’s make it happen.

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