Win a free copy of “A Dream Worth Living”

by Andy Amick on April 10, 2017

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What could be better than my book? Other than sunsets in the mountains, a new bike, clearing a technical section of trail for the first time. I better stop listing typing before I put my book at position 10,047,874.

But up there on the list of good things is a new book, especially a free book! So if you have not purchased the book yet, or if you are waiting for the paperback version, here’s your chance to score a free copy of the eBook version. My editor, agent, publicist (also my wife) setup a Rafflecopter giveaway for 10 copies of the book. Entries must be received by Friday April 14th.


If you have already purchased the book, thank you! I appreciate you taking time to read the story of my journey. You can still enter the giveaway or tell all of your friends about the giveaway so they can read the book too 🙂


P.S. – If you get a chance, please leave a review at Amazon and GoodReads. The reviews help others determine if the book is something they would like to read.

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A little bit nutty in general, a lotta bit nutty about bikes. Each of his boys received a bike helmet for their first birthday and the three of them have been biking together ever since.

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