Tour Divide Book Cover Ideas

by Andy Amick on December 15, 2016

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My book about riding the 2014 Tour Divide is getting closer to completion. While the writing took a lot of work, the editing processing has proved to be even tougher.

I guess I’m a better rider than a writer :)

I’m also a better rider than a graphic artist. So, I’d like your feedback on the initial book cover ideas. All of these were generated using Canva, a great online tool to quickly layout ideas.

All five contain a picture from the ride as a background. Initially, I wanted to go with an illustration. As I played around with designed, I found myself preferring the ones with actual pictures.

All five also have the same title – A Dream Worth Living. Kind of my play on words with the phrase “living the dream” as well as my feeling that dreams are worth the effort.

All five also have the same author believe it or not. And I think I managed to spell my name correctly on all five covers.

Other than the title and author, all details are up for feedback – font styles, sub-title, colors, alignment, font colors, image filters, anything.

Here are the five, in no particular order. Click on the image for a larger view.

Desert Green Title


Muddy Road




Four Pictures


Desert White Title


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  • Wes Johnson

    I have to agree on the Desert white title. You know it is a cycling adventure and the title just pops more in the white lettering on the dirt path. I like the muddy road photo….just wish it would have the bike visible.

  • Gary Meyer

    First choice, Four pictures. Gives a great taste of the whole adventure. Second choice is muddy road as the turn in the far distance draws me to it to find out what is around the corner. The desert green or white has a pull but far less that the muddy road. Looking forward to reading the book.

  • Michael Hill

    To me desert green or four pictures best convey both the subject and the forward look of the dream. I think four pictures would work better with a different font colour or less forceful font, but if you can’t find a complimentary one then maybe desert green ends up the better cover.

  • Mike Preble

    Muddy Road and then 4 picture

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