Why Journey?

by Andy Amick on May 21, 2015

in Bikepacking, Camping

In the last two posts (Initial Thoughts and Embrace Sunrises), I’ve written about the balance between enjoying a journey rather than focusing so much on the gear used for the journey. What I didn’t mention is why go on a journey at all? Why go bikepacking – putting camping gear on a bike making it much heavier and harder to ride? Or why wear a pack with food, gear, water, etc to go backpacking?

Last week, I took off on a 4 day bikepacking journey with my friend Brion. The picture I took from under my tarp the morning of the third day captures the answers to these questions.

morning camping view

It may not be a great picture from a pure picture standpoint. What it lacks in picture-ability, it makes up for in conveying the essence of going out for a journey – be it a multi-day trip or even for a single night.

What’s there?

A calm, peaceful morning sunrise

Spending time with a friend who happens to be camping a few feet away

The anticipation of morning coffee, breakfast, and a full day of bike riding

Burrowing into the warmth and coziness of a sleeping bag while waiting for the sun to rise just a bit higher

Solitude and quietness of a morning in the woods

What’s not there?

Emails and meetings



Biscuits and gravy (I haven’t figured out how to carry this, but I guess it’s possible to survive without it)


This is why it’s worth taking the journey.

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