Why I Bikepack – A Photo Essay

by Andy Amick on September 7, 2012

in Bikepacking

Some people may ask why you would load up your bike with lots of gear and go bikepacking?  Is it about finding the best tricked out bike or finding the coolest gear?

Nope.  So what is it all about?  Here is the answer – the trail, the people, and the scenery as told through the pictures from a recent bikepacking overnight trip.

Riding singetrack like this is liberating

Trails like this make it easy to enjoy bikepacking

Riding the trails to reach the top

Keep on riding and you’ll reach the top which happens to be the campsite location for the night.

A night on the colorado trail

Who wouldn’t want to find an awesome campsite like this on the Colorado Trail?

ride all day and each whatever you want

After you ride for hours, dinner can really be a bag of Sour Patch Kids and trail mix. You earn the right to eat whatever you want.

ride, eat, watch the moon

Ride, setup camp, eat dinner, watch the full moon rise. I call this a great day.

Watch the moon rise and take incredible photos

Another moon picture but it’s one of my favorite photos. You’re not going to see this if you do a quick afternoon ride and then go home.

Wake up to a moon set

Wake up to a setting moon without leaving the comfort of your sleeping bag.

Wake up, drink coffee, find more views

Today’s agenda – wake up, drink coffee, ride the trail to the next open vista.

Another campsite on the trail with quite a view

Another campsite on the trail with quite a view.

Keep riding, find more great trails

Keep riding, find more great trails. Is there anything better?

Did you notice the theme here?  There is not a single picture detailing the bike or gear used for bikepacking.  The bike and gear can make the trip a little easier.

However, getting out there to experience the trail and all that nature has to offer is what the trip and bikepacking is all about.

What is your reason for bikepacking?

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