What Do You Carry – Road Bike Edition

by Andy Amick on March 6, 2012

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Maybe spring has sprung where you are, but we have just entered the snowiest month here in Colorado.  Even though today is sunny and 60 there will be more snow and cold coming soon enough.


This post is the companion to the mountain bike version of What Do You Carry done several months ago.  If you’re in a warmer climate enjoying the temperatures, you could replace the full jacket with a vest in case you get stuck in a spring rain.  Other than that, everything in the video should apply to all weather conditions.


Road Ride EDC

What does your Every Day Carry (EDC) kit for road rides look like?  Are you a weight saver and only bring one tube, one CO2 and your phone to help you?  Or are you a prepare for everything person that brings multiple tubes, frame pump, patch kit, full tool set, and extra food?


The following video details the contents I bring on my rides.  We each have our own ideas of what to carry, so please comment with any items you bring that are not mentioned or items you exclude.



Overnight EDC is next

An overnight What Do You Carry video will be coming up as the weather gets nicer.  That video may not cover the entire overnight setup (having me talk for more than 4 minutes would be too painful to watch) so if you have any specific areas you’re interested in, please leave a comment.



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