TD14: Day 21 & 22

by Andy Amick on July 5, 2014

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Tour Divide 2014 guest post by Kristi.

Andy has had a few slow days, he had to change his overall plans in concern of a forest fire. Saturday morning he had 340 miles left to go, I believe they are mostly flat miles on the road. His plan is to make a big push these last two days and finish by Sunday evening. That’s a lot of miles to cover in two days, but he is ready to finish this race. He met back up with Nic a few days ago, and it looks like they will be finishing up the ride together.

I am keeping this update short, I probably won’t have any pictures or audio to share with you all for these last two riding days until after he has finished and makes it back to civilization. Well, at least to a town with wifi.

Started in the snow.
Finishing in the dry heat.
Keep riding Andy.


Tour Divide Day 21: Abiquiu to Cuba
77 miles
3 July 2014

Tough riding day to make it to Cuba. Andy experienced a huge spectrum of weather changes throughout the day.

1. Andy calls in from Cuba.

2. “Tour Divide day 21 – a tough day from Abiquiu to Cuba complete with heat, hail, rain, more heat and a third round of rain. Ouch. #tourdivide”

Tour Divide Day 22: Cuba to Somewhere South of Grants
166 miles
4 July 2014

Andy was able to finally get some miles in after the last two short days. I believe it is mostly riding on the road, which makes it easier to go a bit further.

1.Andy has a brief call in from Grants. I think his biggest regret from this race will be missing pie from Pie Town, sounds like the timing just won’t work out.

2. “Tour Divide day 22 – my version of a New Mexico desert shade tree that made a perfect stop for lunch#tourdivide”

2. “@nhandy asleep at the “wheel” while descending on the long road section.”

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