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by Andy Amick on April 24, 2014

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Finding ways to live simply so that you can put more time and energy into wherever you find joy in life.  That’s what the monthly “Path To Less” posts are about.

This month’s links cover everything from Emerson, campfires, vegans, singletrack, and being yourself.  Okay, that’t a lot of stuff that doesn’t normally go together.  However, there is an overarching theme of finding out what matters, making time for that, and letting the other things not worry you too much.  Once “what matters” is found, the path to less is an easier route.


Simplicity in Action – Matt FrazierBe More With Less – This is a great post from Matt at No Meat Athlete on how he simplified his running, diet, business and home.  He’s still making small steps towards minimalism by continuing to focus on what really matters to him and his family.

Doing Nothing is Doing Something Slow Your Home – A nice reminder of what it’s like when we let our brains relax and enjoy the moment.  No phone, no camera, no to-do list – just time to sit and enjoy where you are.

You’ll Be OkZen Habits – We all worry about a lot of stuff.  In the end, most of those worries don’t come to fruition.  Work on worrying less and let life be something that can be savored.

How to hold an unpopular opinionBecoming Minimalist – Sometimes it’s hard to be your true self.  Joshua Becker gives 7 ways to make it a bit easier.  For me, The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote at the top of the post may be the best advice.  I guess I have a soft soft for ole Ralph and his thoughts.

What Matters In A Single Picture

lure of the trail, path to less

What matters most to you?  Outside of family, this is mine in a single picture – beautiful day to be outside, thin ribbon of singletrack, and even a little wildlife.  Can you spot the deer in the picture?

Setting up budgets, thinking about what’s important, reducing life clutter, saving money, etc are not the fun parts of the path.  Nope, it’s being able to enjoy a scene like this once you’ve gone through the hard work of finding what matters to you and setting yourself on the path to enjoys those even more.

For a little extra inspiration, check out the Adventure Monkey blog and see what Eric has been up to lately.  Lots of great pictures of his gravel rides, but more importantly he’s making some big changes to how he’s living his life.  Pouring his heart out is an understatement for some of the recent posts.

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