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by Andy Amick on February 15, 2012

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Some companies release new products in December before the new year starts.  In 2012, car companies release their 2014 models.  Me, I update products for release in February of the current year.

 OutThere kits with first aid, emergency gear, and personal care for cyclists

Over time all products go through some changes and first aid/safety kits are no different.  For 2012 the Pale Spruce OutThere kits have been updated to include even more first aid items (anti-histamine and gauze pads) in each kit.  Before launching the original version of the kits, several friends told me I should include anti-histamine.  It only took me a year to listen and realize they were right.

The second change, and also the biggest change is that all kits are now available with or without the refill kit.  Originally, the inclusion of the refills was one of the key highlights of the OutThere kits.  It was included to make sure that you could use the items in the kit and have replacements on hand to restock what was used.

After a lot of thought (and probably too much analysis), I decided to offer the kits with or without the refill for two reasons.

  1. Without the refill kit, the cost for a kit comes down and there are no excuses to not be prepared when you ride.  You can now get a CommuteOutThere kit for $13.00.
  2. Give people a choice.  Personally, I like the idea of the refill option because you have items on hand to replenish your kit once you use an item.   Maybe I’m off base on my thoughts.  I don’t know if others agree with me and by offering the choice, I guess it will become clear.



Pale Spruce CommuteOutThere kit to keep you prepared

The CommuteOutThere kit has the same packaging, emergency gear, and personal care gear.  The first aid items now include 2 anti-histamine tablets and 2 gauze pads.  The antacid tables were removed.


The kit without refills is $13.00



GetOutThere kit - personal care, emergency gear, first aid kit for cycling

The GetOutThere kit has additional first aid items – 2 anti-histamine tablets and 2 gauze pads.  No items were removed from the kit.


The kit without refills is $21.00



StayOutThere survival add on kit in ALOKSAK bag

The StayOutThere kit has undergone the most changes for 2012.  The survival add-on kit has been completely redesigned and there are some changes to the main kit.  Because it has more changes (or rather since I haven’t gotten the pictures and text updated on the product page), it will get a separate post next week.


Another kit idea?

Would anyone be interested in a custom kit option that would allow you to pick the items that go in your kit?  I have been working with a cycling organization on a customized kit for their members and it seems like other people might find this useful.  If you want more sunscreen packets, you can add them.  Don’t live in an area with bugs, remove the insect repellent.  Like the micro towels, add a few more.  Each item could have some number of points assigned, and then you would add items to your pack until you hit the maximum amount of points.

If you would be interested, send me an email (aamick@palespruce.com) or leave a comment.

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