Less and More – Winter riding

by Andy Amick on October 4, 2011

in Cycling

The Less and More posts break down a problem or goal into two simple actions – one to do less of and one to do more of.

Today’s topic – Riding during winter

Less Excuses

 Less science

More riding

More toasty gear

That’s right boys and girls, quit making excuses for why you can’t ride your bike all winter.  The burning in your lungs from the cold is good for you.  Go ahead, be bold and add yourself to the group of nuts that ride year round.


With the appropriate clothing and mindset, winter riding is quite enjoyable plus there is less traffic on your favorite roads and trails.  For your winter riding, mid-weight tights and a basic cycling jacket will keep you comfy.  However three additional items will keep you toasty even when it’s below freezing.

  1. Toe covers or shoe covers.  Toe covers are good to about 35 degrees.  Below that, opt for the full shoe covers.  There is a difference between MTB and Road covers, so be aware when purchasing.
  2. Windproof gloves.  I wanted to recommend Manzella’s windproof lobster gloves but they no longer make them.  A couple of substitutes would be the Gore Bike Wear or Pearl Izumi Lobster gloves.  The key for cycling is to get a pair of gloves that will be windproof
  3. Winter hat with ear flaps (my choice) or balaclava.  A hooded jersey is also another good option.

These 3 items will keep your head, hands, and feet warm.  If those key parts are warm then you can keep on riding and be stronger come spring.  Better yet, you’ll be able to win the “Oh yeah, well I rode when it was …..” conversations with your riding friends.


So challenge yourself to get out there even when the wind is blowing and it’s colder than the stare you got after telling your spouse you were shopping for a new bike.


Enjoy and embrace the cold.

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