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by Andy Amick on August 30, 2011

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This is the first “Less and More” post.  The idea behind these posts is to boil down a problem or goal into two simple actions – one to do less of and one to do more of.  Most of the posts will be cycling related, but I’ve got some ideas for reducing stress, better quality time with your kids, and maybe a few financial topics.  These topics are not all related to Pale Spruce, but let’s see how they work out.

Today’s topic – How to be a faster cyclist. 

 Less Science

Less science

More riding

More saddle time

That’s it – very simple.  For the average weekend warrior, there is only one thing that will make you faster and it is not a gadget or a super supplement.  It’s riding your bike more.  Forget about the training plan, the newest computer, the total mileage, the power output, and even the post ride recovery supplement.  Instead focus on getting on a bike, any bike, more.  It’s certainly not as sexy as the science part, but it works.  Try a commute to work, ride with your kids to school, or wake up a bit earlier and ride to the weekly shop ride instead of driving.

For example, try commuting to work one day per week.  For a round trip of 15 miles, you’ll get an extra hour of riding per commute.  Over the year that will net you 50 additional hours and 750 additional miles.  That’s quite a bonus for getting up a bit earlier once a week!

What other ways have people found to increase their saddle time?


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