January Running Challenge – Week 3

by Andy Amick on January 23, 2012

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January Running Challenge for a cyclist

The Challenge

For the month of January, the original challenge is to run 28 miles, but as a friend from college always says “Go big or go home” so I’m going big, well bigger.  The 28 miles will remain the goal, but that goal is now for the final week of January rather than the entire month.  With my luck, that will be with 10 degree temps and snow on 4 of the 7 days.  But that is the challenge and I’ll live with it.

On to last week’s results.


Week 3 – Falling off a cliff

The plan for week 3 was to pare down the running a bit and fit in a few rides.  Let’s just say that it was more like falling off of a cliff by managing to fit in a single run and absolutely zero rides.  Between an extra long IT work week and getting the head cold that was passed around the family, there wasn’t much energy for running.


The only run completed was on the last day of the week so that I wouldn’t have to type a big fat 0 in the stats.  Not a fun week but at least is was the taper week 🙂



Running Challenge statistics for week one

Runs during the week – 1

Weekly mileage – 1.6 miles

Total January mileage – 26.9 miles


Overall Feeling

Not much running due to work and being sick


The week ahead

The good news is last week is over and the head cold has run its course.  Now it’s time for me to run my course and suffer for 28 miles.  There won’t be any bike rides for the week, but after January is over, running and biking will become more evened out.


How to get 28 miles in?  That is the question.  Obviously 7 days and 4 miles a day would do the trick, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Instead, it would be nice to complete a 10+ mile run so that it can be my first run of that length.  That seems like a good goal to help make the week a little more, um, fun.


I guess we will see how this all plays out, but 28 miles is attainable and hopefully the stickman feels a little better in next week’s report.

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