Geekery, Being Prepared, And No Zombies

by Andy Amick on August 18, 2015

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A few weeks ago, I was listening to a Mac Power Users podcast episode (yes I’m a geek by day) on emergency preparedness from a tech perspective. The episode had me thinking deeper about preparedness from a tech preparedness as well as an adventure perspective. Even though Pale Spruce is built around outdoor preparedness topic, it’s been a while since I’ve addressed it on the blog.

The main reason is that talking about being prepared is about as exciting as pushing your bike through miles of “stick to everything “mud (I won’t be forced into using a paint analogy. I won’t do it). So, let’s try to have a little fun with this topic. Not sure if it will work, but here goes.


For me, being prepared is not something that is important but not a topic I obsess over. I don’t have 12 backups of my computer data, a year’s worth of food in my basement, or enough medical supplies to function as a regional hospital. Oh, the prepper community would not be happy with my approach.

anti_zombie_signDid you notice how I didn’t include the whole zombie apocalypse craze. I don’t get it so I guess that community will not be granting me any honorary memberships either. Single File did have a fun song about zombies with the line “So call the neighbor kids with trash can lids and buckets on their heads. Cause I’m telling you, we’re gonna need a little help tonight”. That’s the extent of my zombie fun. Sorry.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming on being prepared for outdoor adventures.

How Do Your Prepare?

What is your process for making sure you are prepared for adventures – both big and small adventures?

My approach is to keep it simple while trying to make sure I am sufficiently prepared. That means having a set of items packaged and ready to go for my various adventure types. This results in a day hike kit that is different from my overnight kit that is different from my car camping with kids kit. Having separate kits works for me because it makes getting ready for an adventure that much easier.

A common gauge for preparedness while outdoors is the Ten Essentials. I would vote for an 11th item being coffee.

  1. Navigation
  2. Sun protection
  3. Insulation (hat, gloves, extra clothing)
  4. Illumination
  5. First-aid supplies
  6. Fire
  7. Repair kit and tools
  8. Nutrition
  9. Hydration
  10. Emergency shelter
  11. Coffee

For overnight or longer trips, my current setup covers all of the essentials. Day hikes or long bike rides have about 7 items covered. That’s what works for me.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you have a go to setup?

Do you have a single setup for everything or various depending on the trip?

In the end, it doesn’t matter what being prepared looks like. It’s making sure you carry the appropriate items for the adventure.

Editor’s Note: During the writing of this post, no zombies were encountered, injured, or interviewed. If you want to see how creative people can get with the zombie and being prepared topic, do a quick image search and be entertained.


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